PURE-TECH™ 5200 Whole House UV System

The PURE TECH™ 5200 provides Over 30,000 micro-watt seconds per square centimeter of 2537 angstrom wavelength (254 nanometer) of Ultraviolet energy across fluid medium for positive 99.996 kill of contaminating microorganism.

System Performance and Features:


  • Low power Consumption
  • Pressure Drop at rated flow less than 1 PSIG
  • Design pressure 150 PSIG
  • Operating pressure 125 PSIG
  • Chamber Designed to prevent laminar flow of water and maximize turbulance and microorganism destruction.
  • Each UV lamp is protected in a high transmission pure fused quartz sleeve for peak dosage.
  • Audible Lamp out alarm
  • LED light lamp out indicator
  • Auto Cut Off Solenoid Valve
  • UV Intensity Monitor
  • Manual quartz wiper rod
  • Heavy Duty Mounting bracket - Adjustable to accommodate flow
  • Highly polished stainless steel chamber has elegant clean appearance
  • 316 Stainless Steel


This unit comes with:

  • Removable head for ease of installation and easy access to chamber and quartz sleeve (glass from accidental breakage of quartz sleeve is easily removed).
  • Audible Lamp out alarm.
  • Translucent view cap _ visually see lamp is on.
  • LED Light 'Lamp Out' Indicator
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket - Adjustable to Accommodate flow
  • Vent Port / Pressure release
  • Highly Polished Stainless Steel Chamber has elegant clean appearance
  • 316 Stainless Steel
Model Number
Flow Rate Capacity
Lamp Type
Number of Lamps
Inlet / Outlet Size
Fresh Water
High Purity
3/4" NPD
316 SS

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