Beam Bottle-less Water Cooler

Beam Cooler


Drip Tray

Spill proof, leak proof and dishwasher safe drip tray allows spilt water to trickle to a bin at the bottom of the unit. Once the bin is full, a soft alarm will inform the user to dispense the excess water in the bin.


Leak Detection

Moisture sensor and instant automatic shut-off prevents overflows and leaks. A soft alarm calls attention to assess the system.






Safety Hot water locks

Hot Water Lock

  • To prevent burning accidents
  • Temperature Choices
  • Hot, Cold and Ambient settings - push button temperature as high as 212° F
  • Conforms to any Filtration Preference
  • Option to add on more filtration for upgraded systems



  • BLU Products are ergonomic, intuitive, and stylish and come in a variety of creative, space maximizing models.
  • Energy Savings
  • Designed with built-in automatic energy-saving hot tank sleep mode.


Multi Use FeatureMulti Use

  • An elegant solution, a simple flip of the adaptor
    combines the convenience of a sports bottle filling station,
    or the secure placement for a cup or glass.


Built-in Cup DispenserCup Dispenser

  • With the added convenience of a built in
    cup Dispenser, it assures the expression of the system
    to appear reserved and immaculate.

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