Models 24, 36, 50, 75 or 100 GPD  


  1. BRACKETS - Steel
  2. CANISTERS - Pharmaceutical style 2-O-Ring seal.
  3. CARTRIDGE #1 - iWF CTO 85-5, 5-Micron Carbon Block acts as a sediment filter and for removing chlorine from source water.
  4. CARTRIDGE #2 - iWF CTO 85-1, 1-Micron Carbon Block for removing chlorine from water.
  5. iWF Di CARTRIDGE for MAXX DLX 4RO-Di ONLY - A Dyed mixed bed of anion and cation resins. (300-500 gal)
  6. MEMBRANE HOUSING - Smooth sleek design.
  7. AQUAMAXX MEMBRANE BY GE OSMONICS - All claims certified by NSF Int’l.
  8. HOSE AD 14 - A 1/4” Quick connect tube fitting with hose bib thread.
  9. 55/64” X HOSE AD - Allows hose to be connected to a kitchen or lavatory faucet when faucet aerator is removed.
  10. AD12CPG PAK

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